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  • Deb Somfay

    I have read about possible side effects of Reishi mushrooms and wondered what quantities would deem your products to possibly act like blood thinners,cause stomach upset etc? Any interaction with blood pressure medications etc?

  • Darby

    Hi Deb!

    It is good to note, that if one is going in for surgery of any kind, then discontinuing the use of any labeled "blood thinner" is necessary for 4-7 days prior to surgery. This also includes supplemental essential fatty acids.

    To specifically speak about Reishi and its "possible" effects, has many factors. For example; weight of consumer, is chronic low blood pressure an issue, does the consumer have known sensitivities? Most studies for Reishi have been completed with doses ranging from 1,500mg-5mg daily. This is a very wide range. It is always wise to start with 1/2 a packet (750mg) in the evening and listen to your own body for about 5-7 days. Then you may consider increasing the dose to 1 full packet each evening if all is good during the "trial" period.

    Reishi is one of the most studied adaptogenic herbs currently. When adaptogens are used consistently for long periods of time they have a "regulating effect." This means, that they bring the body back in to a state of balance. If there are pre-dispositions to chronic low blood pressure, then it is also wise to consider supporting the adrenal glands. The Adaptogen Blend may be a wise decision in this case, as it contains Reishi and many other adaptogenic herbs that support adrenal glands.

  • Deb Somfay

    Thankyou for your speedy response Kelli. Indo take porcine adrenal supplement once daily now and a low doese beta blocker for arrhythmia as well as Synthroid. So far so good,thanks for the info!

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