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  • Samsam Balooch

    I am interested in possibly importing this product over seas to the Middle East
    Please contact me if interested

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  • Chrysalis Ellis

    My name is Christine. I'm the Marketing Asdistant with Rose City Demos of Portland, Oregon. Claire Weston is the owner. We cover the entire Portland Metropolitan area with accounts in all the natural
    and gourmet foods retailers, including Whole Foods, New Season's, 365, Zupan's, and many local co-ops. We also work in Seattle. I am very interested in supporting the Four Sigmatic brand in the Pacific Northwest, hub of the USA foodie revolution. I have been using your mushroom products for a year now. I have been a mushroom forager, educator and enthusiast all of my adult life and have never experienced a mushroom product from the commercial realm as good as yours. I believe in and feel the energetic response of your formulations and the flavors are fantastic.
    Would you be interested in learning more about how we can support your products in the Portland/Seattle areas with our team of Brand Ambassadors?

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  • Briana McCafferty

    Hi Christine,

    Thanks for your comment! It would be best to email us at with all of this information, and we can connect you with our Wholesale team!

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